Thursday, January 06, 2005

The End of History?

"The end of history" is political scientist Francis Fukuyama's evocative phrase. They're tantalizing, inspiring, frightening words, a window to a world that might be, if we can earn it. The phrase has been drumming in my head all day.

Whether or not George W. Bush is doing a good job of the Presidency, I have to respect his decision in the War on Terror to make a try for it - the End of History. It is revolutionary and will either result in America's finest hour or the beginning of the end.

I'll talk more about the below ideas at some point, and what they mean to me. I just wanted to jot down a basic framework for now. After reading Tom Barnett's Esquire articles and visiting his weblog, I'm just starting to read his book, The Pentagon's New Map.

As the War on Terror and now the Asian Tsunami Crisis provide a compelling backdrop to our world, are we living in an economic reality or a political science reality? Where does one end and the other begin? Where do they mix? Where do the respective realities of Mersheimer, Fukuyama, and Huntington begin, end and mix? Are we locked in man's eternal struggle for security and power against man, are we approaching the end of history with these final confrontations against hold-out historical forces, or we are in a global clash of civilizations? We live in interesting times, of death, life and dreams.



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