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Victory & Peace statements by Students United for America

Note: This page was originally at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/su4a/victoryandpeace.html. It is no longer on Students United for America's website. This is a historical preservation. - Eric

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Victory & Peace

In the words of the members of Students United for America, then Students United for Victory, why victory in the War On Terrorism and peace are inextricably linked.

Nazar Khodorovsky:
"When it comes to politics, I am generally a hard-nosed cynic. Even though I am an ideological conservative, I try to keep my nose out of partisan issues -- I often suspect that this is no more than behind the scenes infighting over dough. One issue, however, over which there shhould be neither partisan nor ideological disagreements is national security. Active countering of terrorism, against threats of both foreign and domestic origin, is an inherently vital part of national security and those who oppose it should be considered apologists, sycophants, or even lackeys of terrorist organizations. Just like there are no good serial killers (whatever their shrink apologists may claim), there are no good terrorists. It has been written before Sept. 11th that just like colonialism was the defining issue of the 19th century and the struggle between freedom and totalitarianism was for the 20th, the battle against transnational crime (of which terrorism is a large part) will fill that role in the decades to come. This battle, as President Bush made clear, will be long and torturous. The relatively fast pace of success as witnessed in Afghanistan may not be repeated in other theatres, such as the Philippines. Yet, those Americans to whom national security is a priority should stand with our armed forces and our security services through thick and thin. Victory may be very far away, but once it is achieved the world will be a much better place. I do not believe that world peace could ever be achieved, but once agents of terror are neutralized on a large enough scale, many more people, both Americans and foreigners, could sleep safer.

"The role for SU4V is to maintain this spirit, while acknowledging the hard realities of struggling against an often unseen enemy in the toughest of circumstances, in the world's worst hellholes, be they dense jungles of scattered archipelgoes or virtually untraceable creative account books of front companies."

Harma Turbendian:
"Our generation, like so many others before us, has been called to serve this great nation. However, all too often, it seems like the loudest response comes from the peace-loving, appeasement-supporting, weaklings of the Blame-America crowd. They are often the Gucci-wearing, Gap-buying apologists who belive Cuba and North Korea are paradises in the making that are being restricted by evil, capitalist Americans. They are the cowards who think that our President is a madman who kills Afghans for fun. They are the blind who believe that terrorists are a product of a hegemonic American culture. Yet there remain some, in fact, probably a silent majority, who need not scream and yelp and protest. There are those of us who form the solid foundation of a generation that will answer this challenge. We support our President and our Armed Forces in the protection of our way of life. We see the need to fight for the rights of all, including the Blame-America crowd. They have the right to protest, and we will support any action to protect that blessed liberty. Our generation is on the front lines in Afghanistan right now. It will be doing the same in every other battlefield around the globe until the evils that threaten our way of life are defeated. And we, Students United for Victory, pledge our undying support as we stand strong at home. God bless America."

Eric ****:
"Americans are a peace-loving people, and in our desire for peace, we tolerated our enemy's growing evil until, on September 11, 2001, he inflicted his horror onto our country. The enemy we battle today thrives in chaos and feeds on hate. He seeks death and upon death he wishes to build a twisted, malignant empire. There can be no co-existence, no peace, with such an enemy.

"We must rediscover the strength and clarity that forged a great nation. We face an enemy who hungers for the destruction of not only the lives but also the spirit of the American people. In the long, exhausting war against terrorism, our love for the American people and our country will be tested. We will learn intimate depths of sorrow, pain and death. But, no matter the price, we can afford no weakness in our resolve. Our American generation carries now a terrifying responsibility: the fate of a great nation and a great people. We must not fail. Victory is Life."

Jarrod Stuard:
"It is a sad fact that we live in a world where a military has to exist. An Air Force Major at my ROTC unit rightly said the military's job is to put itself out of business by making this world a safe place for freedom-loving people. Being very close to members in all branches of service, I can honestly say that our soldiers are some of the most cautious people when it comes to going to war (after all, it is their lives at stake). But, they realize the unfortunate necessity of their job because there remains those forces in the world that cannot be stopped through appeasement or negotiation. Today, without a doubt, we are dealing with such a force. Whatever the original political qualms with American policy might have been, a new generation of individuals has arisen that hate Americans just for being Americans. They seek to kill us, no matter what our race, religion, or political stance might be. Our very presence in the United States makes us fair game for these twisted minds. Our membership in the SU4V or PFP, or our view on Mideast policy is of no consequence to the selection of their victims. It would be wonderful if a simple change in America's strategy in the ! Middle East would magically make this world a peaceful place, but these people despise us for who we are much more than what we do. This being said, our government has an obligation to protect its people, and if it did not respond forcefully and swiftly to such a threat, it would nothing more than a farce. I applaud the actions of the American government and the SU4V for its support. In the end, this hard path is the only road to true peace."

Lovinsky Joseph:
"Despite being born from war, the United States, for most of its history, has avoided entering foreign conflicts. However, the terrorist attacks on our own soil has forced us to take military action against an enemy that is often undefined and difficult to distinguish. In light of the devastating loss of life, it is often hard to contain one's desire for vengeance and punish only the individuals responsible instead of the entire nation they issue from. However, that is the most crucial task for the American people, if we now want, as Woodrow Wilson wanted after World War I, a just, lasting peace, that would be the beginning of a new era of understanding. The punitive, humiliating actions taken against Germany after the war, actions that destroyed Wilson's dream and led to World War II, must not be repeated with Afghanistan or other nations that harbor terrorists. After the blood-soaked twentieth century, most of the world has matured enough to realize that fact, and the international effort to rebuild Afghanistan is a symbol of hope in a new century that started off on a bad foot, but is still in its infancy. The human toll that the war on terrorism has taken is regretful, but it would be shamefully naive to assume that an endeavor of this magnitude would not cost lives of both soldiers and civilians, even when care is taken to minimize them. And whil! e any civilian deaths abroad must never be ignored, human societies from time immemorial have defended their own first. It is not that American lives are worth more than others, as some have claimed. It is simply that the glue that holds civilization together is common interest and security. Without this bond, we are destined to fall into barbarism. A true victory in all dimensions cannot be achieved without holding fast to these truths."

Jennifer Thorpe:
"America, since its birth, has been the country to which people from all around the world have flocked. We provide our citizens with more freedom than any other country has in the history of the world, and foreigners know that. September 11 was a demonstration that there are those who hate us for the freedoms we provide and would prefer to see humankind living under an oppressive regime like that of the Taliban. In the words of Richard Muller, ironworker who helped build the Twin Towers, `These terrorists do not understand what freedom is.' This is why it is essential that we win the War on Terrorism. As long as terrorists are allowed to roam free, and states that sponsor terrorists allowed to propagate the hatred that the terrorists hold in their hearts, all Americans will live under constant threat, as will any person living in a free country. Evil does not have pity for us, and does not have the faculty of reason that might allow delegation. Terrorists will continue ! to commit acts of hate as long as there is breath in their bodies, and must be dealt with accordingly.

"We must not make the fatal mistake of confusing one peace for another. The peace that we aim for is a long-term, true one, not a short-term, makeshift one such as the one we believed we had pre-September 11. We must not just believe that the terrorists are no longer a threat to us; we must know it. Victory is the only thing that can assure us a true peace."

Alfred Zaragoza:
"My fellow Americans, when will terrorists and their sympathizers cease abusing the majority? When we just say, `No'. How long will tyranny and terrorism mock democracy? Until we just say, `No'. One need not call the pyramids colossal. Their magnificence radiates throughout the ages. One need not call our soldiers simply 'great'. Their majesty shines above all of us, for all time.

"It is my unshakable faith that the truth is more powerful than a lie. Unless the foundation of government is cemented with the mortar of truth, lies will crack and crumble every courthouse wall and every capitol dome in the land. We met on this spot -- Columbia University, at a fateful hour. The muddy waterfall of terrorism cascaded upon us. Meeting in secret. Plotting. Scheming. Ringing bells. The polluted stream of pro-terrorist power overflows about us.

"But the Old Man River of liberty shall roll over all our falls. We proclaim the unconquerable truth -- Liberty: Victory over terrorism -- peace over terrorism, military success over the cunning prowess of murderous terrorists.. The grave diggers of the nation have concocted the cult of People for Peace -- A Frontier for communists. A group so vile that even those among us who clamor for peace and bash the military hide from being seen publicly with them.

"Our forefathers had the courage to renounce the tyranny of King George III; we have the courage to renounce the tyranny of terrorism. No tyrant over us, no murderers over us. Terrorism is the centerpiece of the attack upon the American Way of Life. Is there any doubt that its proponents seek to change the laws, the character, indeed, the very life of the American people?

"But because of our patriotism, there shall come a resurrection of true victory through military success. No terrorists over us. Osama Bin Laden charged that the American people despise Islam. But that steeple, pointing our direction toward the grace and mercy of God, brands Bin Laden a liar. In truth, Americans are a good and kind people... seeking righteousness. And our truth conquers their lies. In truth, Americans are a loving and merciful people... making better lives. And our love conquers the hate of those who so despise us. But sometimes, love is tough and hard and requires military action.

"No terrorists over us. Osama branded the American people as unjust aggressors. But every young American infantryman, whose bleached and broken bones lie scattered in the twisted vines of the jungles of Vietnam and the mountains of Tora Bora fighting the Red scourge and Al-Qaeda with the last measure of his devotion, brands Osama a liar. In truth, Americans bring justice, learning, healing and hope of liberty wheresoever we go. Americans are a just and upright people seeking freedom. No terrorists over us.

"Does appeasement bring us honor? Or servitude? The time has come for the majority to free itself from the blackmail of terrorists, red or Islamic. Proclaim democracy throughout the land and liberty around the globe. Justice for all, favors for none.

"The energy in our lungs, spring in our step, gleam in our eyes, fuel the engines of change. And we shall be changed. By the vision of Kitty Hawk. By the resolve of the American people. We shall be free. We are the people. We are the future. Your love of the American way of life conquers the hatred of them who so despise the nation. But thanks be to God that heaven has allowed us to live and to fight in such days of challenge. To take up the battle against red power and terrorists makes us better men, stronger patriots and truer humans. America, choose your sides. Those who love the land or those who hate the very name of freedom. Those who love the flag, or those who mock and revile the flag.

"As a student, coming of age in a Political Science department, I learned one lesson: freedom cannot compromise with terrorism. We are no longer patient as our fathers were. We are no longer coddled as our leaders are. Can there be true peace until the right has conquered the wrong? Today, we no longer defy the enemies of the American people. Tomorrow we shall overcome them. Arise. Shine. For we shall be free.

"Ours is not the cause of a clique, not the whim of a few, but the cry of the mother who lost her daughter on 9/11, the fireman at his wheel, the student at his books, in chorus with all humanity, that right shall conquer wrong. Back into the sewers of Afghanistan, Osama, and terrorists: father of lies. Down into the depths of defeat, tyrants and invaders. Upward mighty nation. Your truth is marching on.

"STUDENTS UNITED FOR VICTORY: Let us claim our twenty-first century with a prayer on our lips, mud on our boots, a flag in your hands and love for America in your heart.

"We come as young America, seeking reparations and retaliation for workers and civil servants lost on 9/11.

"Yes, we come as a strong, advancing people which serves notice that every terrorist shall be abolished and that every inch of American turf shall be reclaimed from every terrorist and every terrorist dissident -- from San Antonio to San Francisco to South Bronx. The summons of liberty is nailed to the door of tyranny. The day of reckkoning has come. No Appeasement Pact. No terrorists over us!

"My fellow SU4V'ers, the nation cannot exist half terrorist and half patriotic. Freedom must rule.

"Let us, through our military, cover the oceans with our ships, the air with our wings, the stratosphere with our spaceships and the face of the earth with the light of our liberties. The seeds of victory are borne by the talons of military might and planted by the finger of power. -- To the applause of all mankind.

"Americans: One nation. One voice. One people. America: distressed in honor. Patriots of the nation, sick people will call you scoundrels, misguided leftists and peaceniks will call you bloodthirsty. Ignore them! Succeed, and history will call you liberators. Let us Sound the trumpet of war, rise in triumph, destroy every terrorist and terrorist hideout and we shall shine forever!"

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