Saturday, November 19, 2005

Greyhawk's timeline of the Iraq War (1990-2003)

The pro-Victory blogs are generating a lot of good stuff today. It looks like the Republicans shoring up domestic support for OIF and the reaction to REP Murtha's call to surrender have reinvigorated the WHY WE FIGHT crowd. I'm glad. We need to keep up the support so we don't lose this war on the homefront.

Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette, an OG of milblogging, provides a timeline of historical background for the Iraq War. It's long, but worth linking as a reference.

Greyhawk's accompanying comments:

As noted at the outset, this is a work in progress. Events, links, and quotes will be added with time.

Many collections of quotes from are available around the web. I especially took advantage of this one as a starting point to the above result. My ultimate goal is to restore such comments to their full historical and contextual frame by providing links to source documents. Please forgive me for not having achieved this yet. Likewise this timeline proved an invaluable framework - and motivation - to construct this more comprehensive and balanced collection.

Another excellent source for much of the above information can be found here.

The goal of this effort has been to provide a list of facts and quotes, without bias or interpretation. There are those who will see such things as exactly that, and those who will claim it's exactly the opposite. So it goes. An earlier effort encompassing the last thirty years of the broader war on terror can be found here.
07JAN13 update: Mudville Gazette is gone with no explanation. Its disappearance, along with its role as a milblogs hub, is lamented. Here is Greyhawk's timeline of the Iraq War preserved at

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