Saturday, November 19, 2005

Neo-neocon on Vietnam to Iraq: Those who cannot learn from history are condemned...

Wow, lots of good stuff on the pro-Victory blogs today.

If pro-Victory blogger neo-neocon has made only one distinct mark on the public discourse about Iraq, it's with her focus on the relation between the Vietnam War protests and the pro-Defeat movement today. It's a cross-war connection that's clear from my observation at Columbia, but few observers have discussed it with neo-neocon's depth and sensitivity. I hope to convince her to come down to Columbia to speak.

Read her post today on the subject, which includes links to her past posts on the subject.


It is not my impression that the left--or even most liberals--have been
walking in their sleep over the Vietnam pullout, much less considering the stain
unremovable. In fact, one of the reasons an Iraqi pullout is being pushed so
hard now is that many in the left consider the Vietnam pullout to have been
their finest hour.

I spent quite a few words and a great deal of thought on the issue a while
back, here, when I attempted to answer the following, based on some musings of Dean Esmay:

Read the rest . . .

- Eric



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