Thursday, January 12, 2006

Farris Hassan interview with Rita Cosby

Picture by Andre Dallos, from MSNBC. Farris Hassan and Rita Crosby.

If I had the brains, confidence, work ethic, guts, faith and commitment, resources and connections that Farris Hassan has, I would be very inclined to attempt what he did. I've fantasized about it. This kid, at 16, is a better man than I am at 29. Kudos to his parents.

Read the transcript of his MSNBC interview with Rita Crosby. We're going to hear from Farris again. Keep up the faith, young man. Be wiser, but keep pushing.


COSBY: On your way back, you stopped at some of these cafeterias. What did you see?

HASSAN: Well, in the military cafeterias, I saw Iraqi soldiers and American soldiers sitting down at the same table, eating dinner together and watching football and talking and laughing casually. And I was amazed that—you know, I really believe the Iraqis are starting to—are understanding that we‘re here to help them and we‘re their friends. And I could definitely see a bond and relationships being developed.

- Eric



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