Monday, October 30, 2006

Expecting excitement from Marcus Williams

I've watched rookie Nets point guard Marcus Williams play only one time, in the last Nets pre-season game against the Knicks. I was highly impressed. He has excellent PG skills and basketball IQ, and it looks like he may actually be able to shoot and score competently on top of his play-making. I even found myself thinking that the Nets offense was better with Williams running the point rather than Kidd. Granted, it was only one pre-season game against a poor defensive team, so it's premature to anoint Williams the savior, but he at least showed the potential to rest Kidd for 15-plus minutes a game and be an exciting game-changer off the bench.

The NBA regular season starts on Wednesday for the Nets versus the Raptors. As of now, Marcus Williams is the Net to watch.



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