Monday, October 16, 2006

Project Runway Season 3 Finale this Wednesday

I discovered Project Runway near the end of last year's 2nd season and got hooked. This season is the first one I've watched from the start as a fan. My whole family is hooked. We even went to Macy's at Herald Square to check out the winning garment every week. Blogging Project Runway or BPR is the main fan-site for Project Runway and is a must-see stop for fans of the show. Alas, this Wednesday is the last episode of the season, Part 2 of the two part Finale. Hard to predict who'll win but Michael Knight's collection seemed the least promising in Part 1 of the Finale, which is a shame because he's been such a strong contestant all season. When he emerged as a leading contender early in the season, I wondered if he'd suffer from the Daniel Vosovic of Season 2 syndrome, in that Daniel was a young designer whose talent shone forth when he worked within the guidelines of the challenges but stumbled when he was asked to create an entire line from his own vision. Michael is experienced in the fashion industry, not a new graduate like Daniel was, but still, I think his professional experience has been mostly in commissioned pieces, not in creating his own line.

I don't have a favorite among the other three contestants, Uli (Herzner), Laura (Bennett) and Jeffrey (Sebelia). From early in the competition, they made clear that they were designers who'd have little problem creating a coherent collection.



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