Sunday, October 22, 2006

TLC's Little People, Big World - the Roloffs

Little People, Big World is a show about a real family, the Roloffs of Oregon, with 'little people' parents, 3 average-sized children and 1 little-person-sized child. It's a terrific show on 2 levels. First, it's educational about the lives of little people, showing, as mom Amy Roloff says, "little people can do everything anyone else does, just differently", and how they engage the world. Second, while the Roloffs have constant challenges and obstacles, especially physically, they are not victims. In fact, athletics and competition are a big part of their lives. The Roloffs are an admirable family of good people, and a positive example of a solid, distinctly American family - competent and independent with strong family values. They're normal and likeable. It's easy to fall in love with them.

Father Matt Roloff has his own website.

I have to give credit to The Learning Channel. A show like Little People, Big World is a good representative for the good that television can be about.



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