Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today's input

Just saw on Friendster. Greta Tam is engaged. Hell, given how people stop updating their friendster profiles (Cyd is still listed as single), Greta may already be married. A steady, attractive, nice, smart girl I knew from Chinese School, and another one if I could do my youth over, I'd have worked harder to keep in my life. Another quality girl from my youth is off the market. That tends to happen when you're 30, I guess ... well, shit.

In terms of my Columbia Spectator opinion submission, the only job prospect that excites me right now is Civil Affairs in the Army Reserves. The 353rd Civil Affairs operates out of Staten Island.

The Mets are seriously hurt by the damage to their starting pitching. Without Martinez and Hernandez, Tom Glavine is the only play-off caliber pitcher they have left. John Maine, Steve Trachsel, Oliver Perez? This is going to be tough.

In terms of controlled, trained yet seemingly effortless, smooth style, Fred Astaire is The Man.




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