Friday, December 29, 2006

Why We Need More Troops in Iraq by SEN Joe Lieberman

Read Joe Lieberman's 29DEC06 article, Why We Need More Troops in Iraq, in the Washington Post.

"I've just spent 10 days traveling in the Middle East and speaking to
leaders there, all of which has made one thing clearer to me than ever: While we
are naturally focused on Iraq, a larger war is emerging. On one side are
extremists and terrorists led and sponsored by Iran, on the other moderates and
democrats supported by the United States. Iraq is the most deadly battlefield on
which that conflict is being fought. How we end the struggle there will affect
not only the region but the worldwide war against the extremists who attacked us
on Sept. 11, 2001."

"Because of the bravery of many Iraqi and coalition military personnel and
the recent coming together of moderate political forces in Baghdad, the war is
winnable. We and our Iraqi allies must do what is necessary to win it."
This is why I supported Joe Lieberman's election campaign against Ned Lamont and why I traveled to Connecticut to volunteer as a poll-stander for Lieberman on election day. With all the bullshit involved with being a politician who aspires to elected office, the position to make a difference in the epochal historical moments of the type we face today in Iraq is what it's all about.

My day standing in the cold and wet outside of a Connecticut high school was just a small gesture on my part, but it was my little bit to help Senator Lieberman do the right thing in the moment that doing the right thing counts the most.




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