Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny parodies of Hitler reacting to Giants play-off wins

Preface: Over a 6-week period, from the highly competitive Week 17 loss to the then-undefeated Patriots, to play-off victories over the Bucs, heavily favored Cowboys, and Packers in sub-zero cold, culminating in the championship victory over the still-undefeated Patriots, the 2007-2008 play-off run to the championship by the Giants is just the latest example of why the post-season in professional sports is - potentially - the best entertainment around. When everything falls into place, the sheer quality of the drama is unsurpassed. The intensity, passion, expertise, preparation, and skill by individuals and teams are of the highest calibre. The story is not already decided when the play begins. No matter the reputations, expert predictions and analysis, truth is determined on the field. The outcome is decided in the arena and it is honest. Because the Patriots were a team on the verge of historic magnitude, the victory by the upstart Giants became such a special story.

These clips, based on the same scene from the 2004 movie Downfall, were posted on-line after the wins over the Cowboys and Patriots. The sound of the German language combined with the expository bursts of anger and pathos by the Hitler character are perfect for comedic parody. (Warning: the parodies really only work if you don't understand German.) Enjoy!

Hitler reacts to the Cowboys loss to the Giants:

Hitler reacts to the Patriots loss to Giants:

2nd Hitler reaction to the Patriots loss to Giants:



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