Saturday, April 19, 2008

Louis Comfort Tiffany is The Man

I don't know how I missed posting this before . . . last year, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my family for a special exhibition of European paintings associated with a famous art dealer - I forget his name. While at the museum that day, bored, I stopped in the Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibition down the hall and was amazed.

The "Tiffany" name is the same Tiffany of the decorative glass company. Tiffany was prolific. His art creations are breath-taking, meticulous, rich, genius - fill in the superlative - the beautiful results of a lifetime of wealth and means, love and passion, dedication and patience, sheer will, and extraordinary talent and creativity. You have to see them to understand - L.C. Tiffany is a standard bearer for what human beings can achieve.

From the small sampling of his art at the exhibit, I can only imagine Tiffany's masterwork, his Laurelton Hall, in its full glory before it decayed and burned. I'm reminded of the Neil Gaiman tale, Ramadan, in which Caliph Harun al-Rashid gives to Dream his magical Baghdad at the height of its glory, so that the city can be preserved before it is lost forever. I like to think Laurelton Hall still exists somewhere mythical, too.

Learn about Louis Comfort Tiffany here.



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