Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tom Barnett and Orson Scott Card on Barack Obama

Tom Barnett and Orson Scott Card are two of the commentators whom I consider to be people who say what I think, but do it smarter. On their blogs, both recently compared Senator Obama favorably with another Presidential candidate - Senator Clinton in Card's post, and Senator McCain in Barnett's post.

Barnett compares Obama and McCain, while mentioning Clinton:

But consider this: would it be easier for Clinton or--especially 70-plus--McCain to learn NOT to be who they already are--once in office (meaning, deconstruct their hard selves and adjust to a world very unlike the one they grew up in)? Or easier for Obama to find himself in office and "play up" to circumstances? Remember, Obama comes of age in 1970s, when this globalized world really begins.

I see zero chance in McCain growing and plenty of growth potential in Obama.

Card discusses Obama's Reverend Wright controversy and compares Michelle Obama to Hillary Clinton:

I hope a candidate does not have to abandon his friends to become president. All he has to do is assure us that he does not share his friend's offensive opinions -- which Obama has done -- and demonstrate that he has never acted upon those ideas -- which Obama has also done.

. . .

I can tell you right now that if Barack listens to his wife the way that Bill claims to have listened to Hillary, President Obama will have a far smarter pillow-talk adviser than President Clinton ever had.



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