Thursday, December 04, 2008

How South Park did the election day episode

Via Coed Magazine, here is an IGN interview with Matt Stone, who explains how South Park made the ultra-topical election day episode, which included direct references to election day yet aired the next day. The interview is also worth reading for Stone's insight about how he and Trey Parker think about the show and produce it.

Reading the interview reminds me that serious artists often seem overly modest, even disconnected, when discussing their creative process, to the degree that the vivid art they produce has a life and influence independent of its creator. The explanation, I believe, is that the essential creativity that births art is not really a process at all; it's inspiration, and inspiration is more an impulse or a feeling which can't easily be explained. The craft of art is something else, and that's what artists usually talk about when they explain their art. The craft of art includes the skills, practices, tools and media used to harness formless inspiration into expressed art.



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