Sunday, January 04, 2009

Babe of the day: Kelly Rutherford

From Brisco County Jr fan site's Dixie Cousins page.

As a high school teenager, I was a captivated fan of Kelly Rutherford, who exuded healthy all-American beauty and energy as sassy, stylish, and lovely Dixie Cousins, on the short-lived television series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. She reminds me somewhat of previous babe of the day Lynn Chen, or more accurately in a historical sense, Lynn Chen reminds me somewhat of Kelly Rutherford.

18JAN09 UPDATE: Rosamund Pike (check her out as Bond girl Miranda Frost) reminds of Kelly Rutherford.

Via youtube, this scene features Kelly Rutherford as Dixie Cousins (also check out this youtube clip):



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