Saturday, May 09, 2009

Passion of activism

I describe the passion of activism as "rocket fuel", i.e., explosive. I don't believe everyone has that kind of passion within them. I know I do. When focused, passion can drive one to overcome and achieve the extraordinary. But it's playing with fire and the fire consumes. I recognize when I free my passion to advance a worthy cause, I risk consuming myself.

I am wary, even fearful, of it, but if I repress it, I will be less than what I can be. I believe that achieving something greater with my life will require I be passionate. How do I give myself over to it without hurting myself? Maybe there isn't a way to generate creation without destruction - I hope that's not true.

Related: Reading on-line about law schools, specifically about the one that's accepted me and the one likeliest to accept me, has been an anxiety-inducing experience.




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