Friday, August 07, 2009

Thoughts of the day

Diane Schuler. Suburban mom drives the wrong way on a highway she knows and causes 8 deaths, including her daughter and three nieces, and critical injuries to her son. The police say she was drunk and high. Her husband doesn't believe it, says she was a responsible mom. Extremes.

George Sodini. Normal-seeming suburban bachelor who privately is lonely, hopeless and beaten, and bitter. Gives up as he nears his 50th birthday. Makes his decision and works up to it for a year. He committed murder-suicide for his "exit plan" 3 days ago. Scary. Hits home.

Congratulations to Cathy Grosam of the 2nd season of I Survived a Japanese Gameshow. Cathy was a dominant contestant and deserved to win. She ran the table as a contributing member of the winning team on every challenge, highlighted by changing teams twice, and won the $250,000 prize. It was satisfying to watch her finish as strongly as she competed the entire show. Contestant Dan Barbour has a blog.

Her last day in the office is today. Even 14 years younger than I am, she's above and beyond me. Another world. Even if there was a possibility, which there is not, I'd be out of my depth. I'm sure she finds effortless things I find difficult or unable. It would be easy to fall for her. Just speaking with her for a few minutes yesterday had me charged. Prize.




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