Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mets in 1st place!

A week-and-half ago, the Mets were in last place, not hitting with runners on base, and generally looking a lot like the incompetent Mets from last season. It looked like another lost season and Mets fans were grumbling. Last night, with the Mets double-header sweep over the Dodgers and the Phillies loss to the Giants, the Mets climbed into 1st place, a .5 game over the Phillies.

Because it's happened so suddenly, the Mets streak to first has been a surprise. Unplanned for happenings is one reason why sport is such great entertainment. In the midst of the expected, sometimes the stars and planets align.

Who knows whether the Mets bats really are waking up and how long the Mets can stay in first or keep up the great pitching and winning baseball, but for today, Mets fans can enjoy the gift.

Add: Mets swept the Dodgers today to finish up the homestand at 9-1 with a 7 game winning streak, moving from 4-8 and last place to 13-9 and 1st place in the division. Phillies won today, too, so the Mets lead stays at .5 game. After both teams get tomorrow off, the Mets start a 3 game set in Philly on Friday. Who knows if the streak will add on or end in Philly, but we at least get to enjoy the gift for another day.

Something to watch out for: Ike Davis, who has played very well over-all since being called up, may have stone hands at 1B. His scouting report says he has soft hands, but a few foul pop-ups have bounced off his glove and he's missed making the pick on a few off-line throws (e.g., Reyes' throwing error today) that a soft-handed major league first basemen should suck up.



Blogger Bag Blog said...

I love baseball season. My 79 year old mom called yesterday from Wrigley Field (she is on an AARP trip) to tell me the Cubs were winning. She knows nothing and cares nothing about baseball - so why does she get to go to a pro game and not me?

5/03/2010 8:40 AM  

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