Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Oh my god, f**king man up, Conor!"

War of the Roses is a radio skit by the The Kane Show that takes listener requests to prank call suspected cheating SOs over the air. There's some suspicion the calls are scripted, especially the calls that play out as perfectly pathetically as this call (11/09/09).

With the radio host's help, the boyfriend Conor has the stage set perfectly. His despicable girlfriend Audrey fell right into the trap. She was caught and knew it. She was ashamed and resigned to the coming storm. Conor seemed worked up and ready to roar with righteous anger. Then, in his moment of redemption, with all male listeners cheering him on . . . wait for it . . . he begged her. "What?!", the radio host’s shocked disgust spoke for all men. Audrey's contempt for Conor overflowed. Hilarious stuff; you feel bad for the guy, but it was truly a pitiful unmanly display.

A woman dating coach comments on Conor.



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