Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thoughts of the day

People are tribal. The world is competitive.

Disturbing story about political correctness attacking Hunter High School. Victimhood is too powerful. The trend is weakening our country. People should rise to the standards. Standards should not be lowered and diluted to create the false appearance of equal achievement. Our country can't afford the illusion anymore.

The number of jobs shrink while outsourcing (rich get richer) and illegal immigration go up, collective and individual debt, US priced out of global marketplace, welfare state (free riders) - how can we retain and expand value creation and production within the country and reverse the destruction of the upwardly mobile middle class?

PBS's Need to Know seems pretty fair - I liked their report on Afghanistan.

Sounds right: The holy fucking grail of chickianity is the drama-free, faithful, feminine and beautiful babe.




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