Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts of the day

Alexandra Palmer stands out as the best model, a class of her own, on this season's (Season 8) Project Runway. As far as the designers, I think Mondo Guerra will win; he's in control of his craft, consistent, and has the most innovative style. Andy South's style is as unconventional as Guerra's, but he's hit or miss. Michael Costello and Gretchen Jones should round out the last four finalists.

Swimming is good. Just make sure to shower afterwards.

Check out these faithful performances of South Park songs by Berklee College students.

Ouch. A female college student columnist tells it like it is.

One week until the big Hamilton Society event. My contribution.

Rent: Seasons of Love. Simple and stirring.

R.I.P. Leona Weiner.




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