Thursday, July 14, 2011

14-year-old's 19-year-old babysitter

News report and humorous discussion. Odd that a 14-year-old would even have a babysitter.

Loni Bouchard looks like she could be Zooey and Emily Deschanel's little sister. A six-month illicit affair is a decent run for a teenager. The young man should be empowered from passing a critical rite of passage early in his formative sexual development. For the mom who presumably hired Bouchard to babysit her son in the first place, and then called the cops on her, all I can say is, one hand giveth, the other taketh away. I wonder where the dad is in this affair and what he might think of the situation?

Add: some news vid of Bouchard and more babysitter love.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with the relationship. The alcohol is a given & is the reason that I think she deserves to be in jail. I remember being 14 & attracted to older more mature girls. It is normal. The boy is probably going to look back & regret how his first relationships were wrecked by his mother. My mom threatened to kick girls asses for being with me until I became an adult. Now women do not show the same interest because I am not rich. She is a good looking girl & all I can say is "Lucky Boy!" Shame on the mother for ruining that!

8/05/2011 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the 1st blogger. LoOk at that mirror pic of her... goOdness gracious. So pretty and loOk at her chest. The funny thing about all this is that even though Loni is technically an adult by just 2 years... because she's a female, she's likely still developing a bit physically herself, so with just the one decent body picture of her... and what appears to be a "full C" chest now... those are even likely still developing for herself, forget the kid! PoOr poOr Loni... she probably needs someone to comfort her now lol. :OD

You have to wonder how many 14 y.o. "adolescent" males would take a day at Disneyland or a night with Loni... hmmm. I know what my snap decision would be when I was 14 y.o; or now for that matter! :OP

8/05/2011 5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's nothing really wrong here... at least not that should land this girl in jail. Our society has deemed that this 14-year old boy is not yet an adult... but biologically and sexually his body is going to tell him differently. Is it intelligent? That's another story. But two horny young people of sexual "age" together... and what do you expect? They're attracted to each other... WHAT on Earth is going to stop them? Our laws were intended to keep predators away from little kids... and I realize it may be a fuzzy line. But there's only 6 years separating these two, and the boy certainly seemed to know (and LIKE) what he was doing. It would be different if it were not consensual sex, too.

Fact is... sexual attraction is healthy and normal. It's what makes us human, and it's a basic instinct of any living being to reproduce. Laws stipulating age are inherently unnatural, and we shouldn't surprised when they're broken. I love when a guy says, "I don't find her attractive because she's only 18" and he happens to be a 30 year old. Does a 30 year old have anything in common intellectually or personally with a 18 year old girl? No, socially - probably not. But does his body still send off signals of sexual attraction and basic instinct to have sex with the girl? ABSOLUTELY. And if it's consensual, and she feels the same... good luck trying to put a "law" in between nature.

We need to focus on keeping true predators away from children, not two consenting people who are relatively close in age, may be experimenting, understandably attracted to each other, etc.

8/05/2011 6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG this story is every guys dream! At least if she wanted sex she wasent whoring it out, I bet that 14 year old hates his parents now hahaha! I would.

8/05/2011 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be my nanny,please...

8/07/2011 8:28 PM  

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