Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paragon Sports warehouse sale

Paragon Sports is holding its annual warehouse sale from 9/8/11 to 9/18/11. The merchandise on sale is mostly shoes and clothing and various athletic gear. A salesman explained to me that as the bins and racks empty, they're being refilled from boxes of mixed items, which means something you can't find today could be brought out later. Or not - you just have to come back and find out.

I've gone each day hoping to find a cheap pair of Vibrams, but no luck. There have been Vibrams in the bins, just not in my size. The closest I found was a Euro 47 (roughly US 13) pair for about $45. The sale prices are advertised as 50% to 80% off the retail price. Winter and ski/snowboard outer wear are an additional 20% off the sales price.

I've bought a pair of Crocs Classics ($9, retail $30) and New Balance CT1004 tennis shoes ($56, retail $115) for walking, a Bonfire Radiant snowboarding jacket ($80, retail $200) for everyday winter wear, and a Marmot Whitehorse down parka ($80, retail $375). I don't know how much use I'll get out of the Marmot parka, because it rarely gets cold enough in NYC for a parka designed for bitter winter weather, but almost-80% off the retail price was just too good a deal to pass up for a well-regarded product I might use.



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