Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jeremy Lin a Knick!

Knicks picked up Taiwanese American guard Jeremy Lin today. In all likelihood, Lin will fill in for injured rookie guard Iman Shumpert for now and be released before the February 10 deadline for non-guaranteed contracts to become guaranteed for the remainder of the season.

1/6/12 update: Oof. On New Year's Eve, Lin played 4 minutes to end the game and was awful against the Sacramento Kings back-up rookie point guard, 2011 60th pick Isaiah Thomas. Lin looked rushed, struggled mightily bringing the ball up against Thomas's pressure, got picked, after which he couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough after crossing the half-court line, and couldn't defend Thomas on the other end. Lin hasn't played since the Kings game and now Shumpert is back.

12/09/13 update: Lin's 31DEC11 struggle against Isaiah Thomas was misleading. Thomas has turned out to be a dynamic, difficult-to-guard NBA PG in spite of his low draft position.




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