Monday, April 02, 2012

The apex of Linsanity

With the sad news that Lin is most likely done for the season, I'll soften the blow by bringing us back to the apex of Linsanity - his game-winning 3 against the Raptors on Valentine's Day. Skip ahead to Knicks radio analyst John Andariese's delirious "Get out of his way! Let him just take Calderon himself!". The complete Dedes/Andariese call of the play. The TSN Raptors crew's call. A nice recap.

A great description of that shining moment (from March 2): "When Jeremy Lin set up for the game-winning shot against Toronto two weeks ago, Knicks radio analyst John Andariese screamed, “Get out of his way! Let him just take Calderon himself!” The uncontained bliss with which Andariese screamed and the absolute trust he had in Lin in just his sixth start perfectly summed up these four weeks. When the shot dropped, the 74-year-old announcer was giddy, laughing like a little kid."

A fan video of the rare head-on view from behind the basket - you can sense the anticipation of a big moment building in the Toronto crowd:




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