Friday, May 18, 2012

Brooklyn Nets logo is sad

Brooklyn is one of the most vibrant, diverse, artistic and colorful communities in the country. Brooklynites have a strong borough-identity, love sports, and I expect they will eventually embrace the Nets. The new flat, plain, black-and-white logo, however, really missed an opportunity to represent Brooklyn with a fresh representative look. I don't see anything about it that reminds me of Brooklyn except the name itself. Maybe, hopefully, the uniform is nicer than the logo.

I still think Jeremy Lin would be a perfect face of the franchise for the Brooklyn Nets, but I'm less enthusiastic about Lin wearing a Brooklyn Nets uniform that looks xeroxed.

Off-topic add: Video taken in the players lounge by a Taiwanese celebrity and family friend after the January 31 game against the Pistons at MSG and Lin's 1st minutes played at home, days before Linsanity blew up.




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