Sunday, May 06, 2012

Knicks win Game 4, Baron Davis hurt

The Knicks pulled out the Game 4 win today against the Heat. Game 5 is on Wednesday, May 9, in Miami, which will be 37 days or 5 weeks and 2 days since Jeremy Lin's knee surgery. The projected recovery time for Lin has been, of course, 6 weeks. The Knicks lost Baron Davis to a dislocated knee in the 3rd quarter and it looks like he's done for the season.

With Shumpert and Davis now out, and Lin close to his projected return date, the pressure is on Lin to suit up. Bibby will start, but he's an older guard like Davis and can't be overextended. Smith is erratic and will have his hands full matching up with Wade and James at SG and SF. Toney Douglas has played as many minutes as Lin has in the series. The Knicks need a PG. Will he or won't he return for Game 5? Lin's team needs him.

Update: Lin didn't come back for emergency duty in Game 5. I'm disappointed. Lin's leadership reputation took a hit, and his absence in Game 5 raised concerns that his knee injury is more serious than the team revealed.




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