Sunday, June 03, 2012

More Youtube fun: Monthly Fails

Monthly Fails is a monthly compilation of fails. The clips range from slapstick to nuanced. My favorite clip (so far) is the racecar (or speedboat?) driver who reaches over to scratch his thigh, inadvertently causing the steering wheel to lift out of the steering column, leaving him clutching emptily for a steering wheel that's now in his lap.

Add: YourDailyLaughz, another youtube compiler of fails, looks to be more prolific than Monthly Fails.

Watching fails is comforting for anxiety sufferers, who become paralyzed by fears of risk, error, failure, embarassment, and pain, because watching fails, especially embarrassing painful failures by risk-taking practicioners, pros, and experts, reminds that failing in all sorts of ways is normal and ordinary. Shit and event cascades happen . . . mistakes happen. The training videos show failure is a normal part of development. Watching fails is also a valuable learning tool for studying the anatomy of human failure. Both catastrophic and harmless mistakes are often caused by the same kinds of individual often-slight oversights, misjudgements, missteps, slips, and unanticipated factors. Training ought to be characterized by failure rather than a zero-defect environment in order to encourage development. Also, physics reign supreme and trying athletic things when you're fat and out of shape is looking for trouble.



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