Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stuy kids caught cheating and other thoughts of the day

Stuy kids caught using cell phones to cheat on Regents exams. Supposedly, Principal Teitel caught the ringleader red-handed during the Spanish Regents exam. I thought all kids tested on the same Regents subject on the same day, or do I misremember that from high school? Or, were these kids cheating in real time? It seems the cell phones made it easier to communicate and coordinate, but also created an e-trail to the other students that may not have been uncovered otherwise. When I went to Stuy, I saw my classmates cheat when given the chance. I didn't cheat, but I also wasn't Ivy-bound like they were.

Study on the social life of super-geniuses like William James Sidis.

Grantland's oral history of the rise of WFAN on their 25th anniversary featuring Imus in the Morning, Steve Somers (Captain Midnight), and Mike and the Mad Dog.

Forbes and the NY Post in April cast light on an on-going feud between billionaire media moguls Jim Dolan and Mort Zuckerman to explain negative articles in the Daily News about the Knicks and Jeremy Lin. The same feud may explain the Daily News's hit piece on Jeremy Lin today. Lin and the Knicks are just proxy targets to attack Dolan, like rich Romans killing each other's gladiators in the arena to send a message. Score one for the conspiracy theorists who say 1% puppeteers are behind the scenes pulling the strings on society to serve their own purposes. Jeremy Lin's twitter response, Lol'ing off the story.

Bookmarked for later about American male education.

Louis Freeh's report of his findings on Penn State officials and the Gerry Sandusky scandal. Conclusion: they, including Joe Paterno, knew and they covered up. Paterno wrote a letter to former players in December 2011 hinting at his motives: protect the football program and the university's reputation, all the good he did. They made the call to cover up in 1998, and with one decision, sealed their course. When you make the 1st decision to cover up for an at-hand cost/benefit, you're trapped in the cover-up for the duration no matter how much it grows and how bad it gets, until the whole caustic poisonous mass blows up. At the decision point, when you are still free of conspiracy and considering whether to start a cover-up or accept the consequences, think, "How will this end?". If it will end badly, then don't start on the course.


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