Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thoughts of the day

About my wistful reaction to Moonrise Kingdom - yeah, despite my exposure to ugly truths that convincingly explain my experiences, I'm still a hopeless romantic idealist, though see the afterword. (Suzy is a dream of a fantasy based on a fairy tale.) Re Wes Anderson's covert masculinity in Moonrise Kingdom and a red pill take.

Judgybitch: "Women are still women." A good comment.

Penelope Trunk: Women need to marry first and have kids, then career.

Too bad Ender's Game wasn't made while Haley Joel Osment was still a kid. He would have been perfect as Ender.

The story of Amanda Bynes, now at UCLA's psychiatric center, is frightening because she wouldn't admit there was anything wrong with her because she apparently honestly doesn't realize there is anything wrong with her. No matter how many times it was impressed on her she's seriously ill, Bynes denied it vehemently. The mental illness she has is more dangerous than a disease that the bearer can recognize as alien, invasive, and harmful and thus react to rationally. It's like her mind has been hijacked and corrupted by a parasitic virus that's disabled all of her defense mechanisms and, worse, reprogrammed them as paranoia so the host will propagate the virus's mission. Even as her behavior worsened, it seemed normal to her; her entire sense of normal has been corrupted. In her mind, Bynes was simply asserting her independence and becoming her own woman, though the actualization motive could be as true as, and simultaneous with, the corrupted cognition. Despite everything, her behavior could be passed off as profligate and eccentric until she randomly started a fire on a stranger's driveway, thus crossing the line to harmful. Some of our nation's most random, shockingly deadly crimes have been traced to schizophrenia, and like those infamous crimes, Bynes's fire required some premeditation and complex planning to carry out. She's lucky she was caught before she did anything worse. For loners, the prospect of a mind-altering disease that takes over basic perception is especially frightening because already isolated they lack the social environmental cues and monitors to alert them to behavior indicating mental illness even to deny it. It's scary that all your senses and assessment can indicate normality while you're actually sliding into crazy.

Bush reacted to 9/11 by becoming a liberal. Nixon was a liberal. Both did more than talk the talk, they walked the walk. Yet, instead of being lauded by the putatively liberal Democrats, both were extraordinarily vilified by the Democrats. I wonder whether the Democrats determined the two genuinely and effectively liberal Republican presidents needed to be slandered in order to protect the Democrats' corrupted, hypocritical brand of liberalism.

Political alliances of the Middle East explained in a brief letter to the editor, via Mad Minerva. And in chart form.

From Blackfive: Iraq wants US help, plus a commenter who was there at the time says the US mission in Iraq was stable when the Obama administration passive aggressively sabotaged the SOFA negotiation . . . calm down, Eric.

Talking about Iraq again.

Discussing men's rights activism, a sociological survey (taxonomy) of the Manosphere (also here), and the principles of activism at Judgybitch.

Poolside in America - he has a point.

This happened to me. Over the last, say, 3 days, my ip address kept changing. While the line stayed connected, my internet service was flickering, disconnecting and reconnecting every few seconds to minutes. I was afraid my router had a mechanical hardware break. Yesterday afternoon, I downloaded Windows updates to my laptop, which I hadn't done since June. Since installing the updates, the problem has subsided. The ip address has stayed the same and my internet service has stayed on. It seems normal and stable again, fingers crossed. Update: I might have spoken too soon. The ip address is jumping again, although the internet service is still steady. I wonder whether the problem is someone stealing my internet.

Bachelor meat sauce: Using the Mirro-matic, 8 oz (1/2 box) Perdue fresh ground chicken, 1/4 chopped yellow onion, 28 oz can RedPack crushed tomatoes with basil, garlic, & oregano in thick puree (recipe ready), 15.25 oz can Best Yet whole kernel golden sweet corn (no salt added), 10 oz box Best Yet frozen chopped spinach, a few spoonfuls of B&M brick oven original baked beans with molasses, pork & spices, salt, black pepper, seasoned salt, splash of Hunt's hickory & brown sugar barbecue sauce, and splash of French's 100% natural classic yellow mustard. Additional liquid from the can of corn and about 8 oz tap water from rinsing out the cans. I didn't add pasta or rice directly to the meat sauce.

I just polished off another batch of bachelor meat sauce in a day-plus. This time I added rice and pasta directly to the meat sauce.

Rice adds body to bachelor stew or bachelor meat sauce, even if it features pasta.

When privates go to the field for the first time and use the radio language they learned in Basic Training extensively for the first time, they come back sprinkling radio language into their everyday speech. A similar phenomenon happens with legal terms. Practical language, meant for a specialized specific use, will move beyond its intended use and make its way into everyday and popular use. There is an epigenetic (see, it happens with science, too) social-psychological adaptive trait at work here in social culture. How can the principle be generalized?

USMA Jewish Choir performing the Alma Mater.

On the Labor Day (Sept 2) radio broadcast of the Mets-Braves game, Josh Lewin went on at length about Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS where the Braves famously came from behind a 2-0 deficit in the the 9th inning to defeat the Pirates. In Lewin's telling, that inning launched the Braves on a 20 year run of finishing at or near the top of their division every season. Meanwhile, the same inning dropped the Pirates, who had reached the NLCS for 3 straight seasons, into a 20 year run of losing records every season. One inning for the next 20 years. 48 minutes for the next 48 years of your life. The decision points and moments that determine a lifetime. It's true; that's how it really works.

Forgotten and just remembered Army lingo: Alibi fire.

Entrancing is a slender lithe nubile feminine moving unaffectedly, naturally delicately and gracefully about an ordinary task. Youthful feminine beauty is luminescent. An anchor in the light, indeed.


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