Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So, what's true?

Who am I in my individual consciousness? What am I in my social consciousness?

What are the fundaments of my soul and the social ecosystem?

When critically evaluating conflictive truths, I find it helpful to broadly categorize them as Natural or Constructed, and Individual or Social, which gives me a simple multivariate table with 4 boxes:
Individual (Self) Social

Insight from my notes from Professor Szelényi's lectures:
Durkheim's sociological method and social facts: Durkheim's life sciences are biology (body as organism), psychology (personality), sociology (collective representation). Social action is contractual execution, externally oriented duties, obligations. Social facts are representations and actions, in contrast to objective biological phenomena, and exist in the collective space, in contrast to the individual consciousness of psychological phenomena.
I'll add that individual and social phenomena can derive organically from biological phenomena. Truths can be deduced or induced from different sources.

The exercise is not meant to be rigid because truths can sit in more than 1 box. The exercise is meant to help with beginning to sort out personal beliefs, values, and headings.




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