Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Links on anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Perspective on Operation Iraqi Freedom (table of sources);
Operation Iraqi Freedom FAQ (explanation of law and policy, fact basis);
A problem of definition in the Iraq controversy: Was the issue Saddam's regime or Iraq's demonstrable WMD? (historical context);
10 year anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom: thoughts (retrospective survey);
Recommendation: How to talk about your Iraq vote (advice to Hillary Clinton).

1. Explanation (link) of the law and policy, fact basis for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
2. Saddam: What We Now Know (link) by Jim Lacey* draws from the Iraq Survey Group (re WMD) and Iraqi Perspectives Project (re terrorism). * Dr. Lacey was a researcher and author for the Iraqi Perspectives Project (link).
3. Security Council Takes Action to End Iraq Sanctions, Terminate Oil-For-Food Programme as Members Recognize ‘Major Changes’ Since 1990 (link) by VP Joe Biden on behalf of the UN Security Council.
4. Withdrawal Symptoms: The Bungling of the Iraq Exit (link) by OIF senior advisor Rick Brennan.
5. How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq (link) by OIF official and senior advisor Emma Sky.




Blogger dc said...

where are you? you are urgently needed in NYC for family matter. -DC

3/26/2015 12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, in today's WSJ (April 4, 2015), Judith Miller has a retrospective on OIF titled "The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths." If you have time, it would be a good place for you to jump in.

>ROPWA from

4/04/2015 10:36 PM  
Anonymous ROPWA said...

Eric, today's may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, there is no comment section and no apparent way to contact the publisher for a rebuttal.

2/17/2016 1:54 AM  

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