Saturday, January 12, 2019

New Cheney biopic Vice is a gift opportunity to clarify the Iraq issue for the public

Appeal to OIF supporters and other humanitarian liberal policy advocates:

Vice, the new biopic about Vice President Cheney by Adam McKay, features the false narrative stigmatizing the Iraq intervention, which makes the film a precious gift opportunity for you (and other like-minded persons) to clarify the Iraq issue for the public. For that purpose, the Operation Iraqi Freedom FAQ is ready to help you as a cheat sheet and study guide for the Iraq issue. I show my work, cite my sources, and remind that I'm not the authority: the sources are the authority.

Objectively on the law and facts, the American and British decision on Iraq was correct; the case against Saddam is substantiated. But if you feel that upholding the women and men, including President Bush and VP Cheney, who conscientiously rose to their duty with the vital ethical, principled, resolute, adaptive leadership that manifested with Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) isn't good enough reason for zealous advocacy, then consider that OIF stigma is the purposeful v2.0 strategic heir of Vietnam War stigma as the keystone premise in the politics subverting American leadership of the free world. Like the Vietnam War stigma, the OIF stigma won't go away until you've corrected it and discredited its proponents in the politics.

By refreshing the false narrative stigmatizing the Iraq intervention, McKay is practically inviting you (and other like-minded persons) to counteract the OIF stigma for our children's sake as an earlier generation should have counteracted the Vietnam War stigma for our sake. Your competitive advantage is the basic narrative of the OIF stigma is brazenly false and thus readily corrected by properly fixing the discourse with the incontrovertible plain law, policy, precedent, and facts that define the Iraq issue. On the other hand, if the Vice propaganda is conceded, then the metastatic OIF stigma will grow deeper.

I suggest my Rebuttal of Prime Minister Brown's memoir argument against Operation Iraqi Freedom to prep your mindset to exploit Vice — with the understanding that setting the record straight will demand more than that from my work and your expertise.

Please share this appeal with like-minded family, friends, and colleagues, most importantly those with the means to compete in the politics. Adam McKay's gift opportunity to clarify the Iraq issue for the public will be viable for only so long.




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