Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Eric's MilVets shout-out to Shane Hachey

Nicholas De Genova famously called for the "fragging" of US troops and a "million Mogadishus" in a Columbia faculty anti-war demonstration on March 26, 2003. Needless to say, his incitement angered US military veterans in the Columbia University community. The United States Military Veterans of Columbia University (MilVets), comprised of undergraduate and graduate students and university employees, sent this letter to university officials demanding a meaningful institutional response, to include a public apology from De Genova. [Of course, the university refused to make any such request of him, and the professor stood by his call for murder. And why shouldn't he have? After all, Columbia Professor De Genova continues to teach students at Columbia today.]

Who is Shane Hachey? Columbia General Studies class of 2004 and current student at Harvard Law. He's the fellow MilVets member who worked with me late into the night and the next day to write and refine the final version of the letter. It's fine work, a true team effort. Shane has my respect, and he deserves a heck of a lot of credit that he doesn't receive in the letter itself. In my blog-world, Shane gets it. Enjoy.

Read the 04APR03 MilVets letter to Columbia University protesting Professor De Genova's actions here.

- Eric

9/12/05 Update: My thank you to Shane has been edited, thanks to the feedback of 2 of my fellow Columbia milvets. I'll just say, beware the negative spotlight, especially when it's unnecessary and unintentional.

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