Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nice letter on PNM from West Point grad who has lived its narrative

I am a fan of Tom Barnett. He is the OG of pundits who have said what I think but say it smarter and better. Today, he posted this letter from a former Army officer representing the young generation of progressive globally oriented military leaders.

Nice letter on PNM from West Point grad who has lived its narrative

In his original email, this retired military officer stated (and this was my favorite part) that he didn't read anyting in PNM that he didn't already know, in the sense that it read like his career and lessons he'd learned along the way.

I love this sort of compliment and asked Brandon if I could post his letter. He edited it down a bit and consented. It's a good read, and I thank him for making this post happen.

Professor Barnett, 18 NOV, 2005

I just finished reading “The Pentagon's New Map” and I want to share with you how your book directly relates to my background and experiences.

I graduated from WestPoint in 1997 and have served the last 8+ years as an Armor officer in the US Army. I led troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq and took an active interest in studying the local and global politics of the regions where I have been deployed. The concepts you put forward are very familiar and gaining wide acceptance, at least among the lieutenants, captains and majors who have been my peers. I have never before been motivated to write to an author, but I feel a need to thank you for giving me something solid to point to when I share my vision of a future worth creating. I hope every decision maker in the world reads it.


- Eric

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