Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Operation Iraqi Children at Columbia University Spring 2006

From OIC website - OIC in Action Providers: Click Here! to learn more about the efforts that have been undertaken by various groups around the world to provide School Supplies for the children of Iraq.

As the MilVets VP, I organized an OIC school supply kits collection drive at the end of the Spring 2006 semester. By the end of the project, my top goal was for OIC at CU to look right, and it did. I had the sponsors I wanted, we had up the large color flyers I wanted, I had the collection boxes in most of the places I wanted, and it projected the message I wanted. We even got a decent amount of donations, thanks to the General Studies community and Students United for America. I didn't get Spectator coverage, but we did get a solid plug (above link) on the OIC website and an official thank-you letter.

On a personal level, I carried out a project I wanted to do for its own sake. For MilVets, we checked the block on a community service project and worked with a range of political campus groups (hitherto taboo) on a pro-military apolitical campus project.

Here are the thank-you letters from Operation Iraqi Children and People To People International to MilVets for the Spring 2006 school supply kits drive.


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