Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day: Call to Duty: Boots on the Ground

Originally posted on November 1st, but I'm moving it up to celebrate Veterans Day. Watch the video.

Description: Boots on the Ground represents the commitment of the United States of American and the multiple capabilities of the American Soldier. It reflects the physical and mental aspect of being the ultimate instrument of national resolve that is both ready to meet and relevant to the challenges of the dangerous and complex 21st century security environment.

*** Open the video here or here. ***

I consider "Call to Duty: Boots on the Ground" a must-see video. It rings true with the perception of the Army I learned from my experience as a soldier. The message is from the heart and true to the Army heritage. While the video seems to be designed for young soldiers to explain the 'Why We Fight', I believe this is the message that should be presented to the public as the Army face. It's stupid to pretend soldiers don't go to war or that they don't die at war. The better way is to put the hard facts into context. I prefer it over the new Army recruiter slogan of "Army Strong", although the Army Strong video is pretty good.

Happy Veterans Day. I wish all Americans who have served, are serving and will serve in our Armed Forces a Happy Veterans Day. May we live long, fruitful and meaningful lives, for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters who don't make it to come back home.


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