Monday, January 21, 2008

Marines new commercial

If there is one thing the Marines are great at, it's P.R.. Very nice commercial and in-line with how I believe the Army should market itself. The Marines get it. The imagery evokes my feeling about being a soldier when I served in Korea. There weren't many of us, only about 35,000 American servicemembers total spread throughout Korea, and I wondered that so few of us could be responsible for so much that was so important. Soldiers are responsible for the success of our nation's grand strategies and international pacts. With all that responsibility spanning countries and peoples, we weren't a machine or a complex - we were simply a few ordinary men and women wearing a common uniform and doing our jobs. This new commercial does a great job of showing the military in context as a small group of people responsible for a vast land.

The Marines kept a blog about making the commercial.




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