Sunday, March 22, 2009

What qualifies as a 10 beauty?

At the new Jollibee in Woodside today, I stood next to a beautiful filipina (pinay?) while waiting for our order. For rough context, she looked around 20, give or take 2 years, maybe 5'7, soft dark eyes, smooth mocha skin, lustrous shoulder-length hair, gently oval-shaped face. She was with a young girl and an older white woman who looked to be in her late 30s or early 40s. I don't know what their relationships were; perhaps the filipina was a hired nanny, the little girl's mom (the girl looked to be mixed race), cousin, or aunt, or just a family friend.

Moreso because it was unexpected in the mundane setting, the filipina struck me with her beauty and got me to thinking, what qualifies a girl to be a 10?

In Babe of the day: Diane Lane, I said the best of feminine beauty is a transcendent, fleeting quality that can't be manufactured, no matter how much 'make over' effort is put into it. Like a flower, it blossoms into full glory in mature youth, then seemingly fades away just as quickly with age.

A 10 beauty is beyond the common standard of pretty, cute, or sexy. It is beyond human power to produce artificially, such as with lighting or make-up or even with art. A 10 beauty easily passes the in-person test, everyday test, and no-make-up test. A 10 beauty stands out more for subtleties than striking features. No description of words, such as what I use in the 1st paragraph, can adequately express it. A 10 beauty is not necessarily capturable in a photo, eg, Katy the Barnard AV tech. A 10 beauty is beyond the limits of imagination to create or recreate in the mind; she must be seen. In short, a 10 beauty is non-transferable; it can only be defined and appreciated by itself. A 10 beauty evokes a higher power. It stuns and your breath catches to see it.

Finally, there is a temptation to worship a 10 beauty, such as seeking a romantic relationship with the girl regardless of compatibility, to drink her ethereal beauty . . . for as long as it lasts.



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