Sunday, July 26, 2009

Awesome wedding entrance

Admirable stuff. The bride and groom, Jill and Kevin, with their wedding party, made the day their own with plenty of youthful spirit, style and soul. Fun. Their timing is exquisite. Message: these guys are free of insecurity and sure of themselves. The sheer confidence of their wedding makes me confident in them. The fact that this was a Minnesotan wedding explains a lot. The Minnesotans I served with in the Army were quirky and sarcastic, proudly independent, grounded, solid folk.

The hand-held camera operator deserves much credit. Given that the wedding party only had the concept and a 1.5 hour rehearsal as preparation, with the rest improvised, tells me the camera operator captured the wedding procession so well less with planning and skill than with instant decisions based on artistic intuition. Great placement of the camera and touch by the camera operator, and smart decisions following and framing the action and when to leave the on-going action to cut back to the entrance.

11APR10 add: Today Show interview and recreation, and a funny spoof by what appear to be professional actors.




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