Saturday, February 20, 2010

Epic Beard Man

Google "epic beard man" and watch the cell phone vid of a UFC beatdown on an Oakland bus. Hilarious. Reviewing the incident account and not knowing what came before the video, the loser's reaction to EBM seems normal for someone confronting a perceived racist insult; but Dave Chappelle's bit "When keeping it real goes wrong" does come to mind. See interview of EBM below: turns out, not surprisingly, dude's not all there. The loser's mistakes were not realizing EBM was crazy and not dialing back the street machismo when he saw EBM's size. If EBM really is a Vietnam War veteran, one-time pimp and drug dealer, and convicted felon, then the loser sure tried to swell up with the wrong stranger. I hope if I reach 67, I have half the vigor and spirit of Thomas Bruso (aka Tommy Slick, aka Epic Beard Man). The funny lesson is avoid trash-talking with solid-looking big guys with big beards who wear t-shirts that say "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER" on the back and their street name on the front. The sober lesson is the necessity of being able to fight and physically defend yourself at all times; never lose sight of the enduring human truths older than human civilization.

Big, solid, crazy, unafraid, with the fighting skill of a trained boxer - that's a dangerous combination that's wiser to avoid on a city bus, no matter what kind of weird racist shit the guy's babbling.


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