Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Quadrennial Defense Review and Columbia ROTC

Note the many potential connection points between the QDR and Columbia: The 2010 QDR, released Feb. 1, is a comprehensive review of Defense Department strategy and priorities, closely tied to the defense budget. Purpose: to promote an exciting sales vision of ROTC at Columbia, tie together the February 2010 QDR (website), Columbia's mission and assets, New York City assets, ROTC in NYC case, Alexander Hamilton based CU military heritage of exemplary leadership in and out of uniform (think CU version of exceptionalist West Point heritage), and the Columbia Military Community.

Add: Marines' AAR brief about COIN on the ground in Afghanistan (from Marc Danziger of Winds of Change). To help visualize the link between the QDR and ROTC at Columbia at the granular level, review the slides and ask yourself, how can Columbia officers contribute to these efforts?

Add: At the April 18 World Leaders Forum with Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, President Bollinger said in his introduction, "The chairman leads an organization, most crucially, that provides our nation’s necessary point of engagement in a dangerous and complicated world, though he would be the first to say that it must be only one part of a whole web of strong, diplomatic, civic and economic relationships across the globe. Our servicemen and women are called on to fight battles, but also to be the diplomats with village elders and emergency responders in nations devastated by natural disaster." Also, Mullen and Bollinger answer a direct question about ROTC at Columbia during the Q&A. See the transcript and video.

Add: To learn more about the underlying philosophy for the QDR-based appeal, see from SWJ: Design and the Prospects of a US Military Renaissance by Colonel Christopher R. Paparone




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