Monday, November 29, 2010

Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 10

TWOP, my go-to site for Amazing Race episode recaps.

On last night's episode, Nick and Vicki came in last place and quit on the detour, which earned them a 6 hour penalty. It turned out to be a non-elimination leg which means they'll get their last place start time, a speed bump, plus a 6 hour penalty. Normally, that would be the end of them for the race. But the time penalties may be wiped out since they're flying to Korea for the next leg, which means it's possible that the wait for the next flight out will eat up the entire time penalty and only leave them with a speed bump in Korea. I agree with this episode recap that Nick and Vicki should be out of the competition for quitting. Instead, they may hardly suffer for it.

Previews for next week's episode looks like it will involve a lot of Army-related activity in Korea, which will be nostalgic, even though soldiers don't wear BDUs anymore.




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