Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ender's Game quotes

Ender's Game Chapter 8, page 102: Listen, Ender, commanders have just as much authority as you let them have. The more you obey, the more power they have over you.

Ender's Game Chapter 9, page 149: Isolation is - the optimum environment for creativity.

Ender's Game Chapter 11, page 185-186: Partly because of Ender's influence, they were the most flexible of armies, responding relatively quickly to new situations. Phoenix Army would be the best able to cope with Ender's fluid, unpatterned attack. . . . Petra was not Carn Carby; she had more flexible patterns and responded much more quickly to Ender's darting, improvised, unpredictable attack.

Ender's Game Chapter 11, page 198: I need you to be clever, Bean. I need you to think of solutions to problems we haven't seen yet. I want you to try things that no one has ever tried because they're absolutely stupid.

* Ender's Game Chapter 14, page 275: Ender watched as all his squadrons moved at once, each responding to its own situation, all guided by Ender's overall command, but daring, improvising, feinting, attacking with an independence no bugger fleet had ever shown.

Ender's Game Chapter 14, page 277: Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf. Survival first, then happiness as we can manage it. So, Ender, I hope you do not bore me during your training with complaints that you are not having fun. Take what pleasure you can in the interstices of your work, but your work is first, learning is first, winning is everything because without it there is nothing.

Ender's Game Chapter 15, page 309: Ender took part in the work, as much as they would let him; it did not occur to them that this twelve-year-old boy might be as gifted at peace as he was at war. But he was patient with their tendency to ignore him, and learned to make his proposals and suggest his plans through the few adults who listened to him, and let them present them as their own. He was concerned, not about getting credit, but about getting the job done.

* Ender in Exile Chapter 2, page 29: He realized that Han Tzu would take his training and turn himself into the perfect father. And much of what he had learned in Battle School and here in Command School would probably serve him well. Patience, absolute self-control, learning the capabilities of those under you so you can make up for their deficits through training. What was I trained for? I am Tribal Man, thought Ender. The chief. They can trust me utterly to do exactly what's right for the tribe.




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