Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cool website of the day: Boy Scout Skills

Boy Scouts of America Troop 780's Boy Scout Skills.

The website looks well organized. I can't confirm its content is a full and accurate representation of Boy Scouts skills, but it looks comprehensive.

If I could do over my boyhood, I would be a Boy Scout. That doesn't rise to a regret over a wasted opportunity because I wouldn't have considered joining the Boy Scouts if I hadn't been a soldier. As a soldier, I discovered that the Boy Scouts' skills and core values transfer well to soldiering. Every boy who aspires to join the Army should be a Boy Scout.

Wes Anderson's phenomenally capable Khaki Scouts in Moonrise Kingdom are an effective advertisement for the Boy Scouts of America and the revaluated Trail Life USA.

Add: Scouting Resources UK, a British scouting website, looks to be comprehensive. Ian's take and Keoni's take on Scouting.


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Anonymous bigWOWO said...

Interesting. I think there's a difference between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I can't comment on the full Boy Scouts, but I've heard that Eagle Scouts can live for weeks in the wilderness with just a canteen of water.

Anyway, I was just dropping in to check if you had an opinion on Syria.

9/01/2013 11:50 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Hi Byron,

I posted my response to your question here.

9/02/2013 9:43 AM  

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