Friday, July 14, 2006

USAR Captain fired from teaching post due to deployments

Story: NewsChannel 5 Investigates: School System Leaves Soldier Behind

Basically, a USAR CPT and HS teacher is fired (not fired, "let go", according to his boss) at least in part because he deployed twice to Aghanistan. Putting aside the legal issue and the issue of over-stretching our forces, although I like the logic of OEF-experienced troops going back to OEF, what stands out for me is the POV of the man who fired the CPT.

The school director values the issue in front of him that he understands - absence of an employee - over the exigencies of that employee's military service, which he doesn't hold in the same regard. The story reminds me of the university senate vote on ROTC in May 05 when, as Prof Silver described it, the faculty, students and admin of the CU senate showed an utter "lack of regret" for denying the military a role in the university. In our case, the military-rejectors understood the reasons against ROTC but despite our best efforts, they just couldn't get their minds around the arguments for military at Columbia. This article seems to imply a similar mental blank area. When educators show this kind of ignorance and deevaluation, even blatant disregard, for the intrinsic value of military service in real-world decision-making, not just 'academic discourse' - that scares me. Tennessee ain't exactly CA or NY either.

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