Thursday, December 11, 2008

Columbia NROTC vote break-down by school

BWOG announced the by-school breakdown of the NROTC vote by percentage:

CC: NO:53.0% YES:46.8% ABSTAIN:0.2%
SEAS: NO:46.4% YES:53.6% ABSTAIN:0.0%
GS: NO:44.4% YES:55.1% ABSTAIN:0.5%

GS and SEAS both voted for NROTC, which means by school, the vote tied 2 to 2 (Barnard voted against).

For a generalized explanation, Barnard and CC students are more ideological, SEAS students are more pragmatic, and GS students tend to have more real-world experience and a broader perspective. As well, the majority of student-veterans at Columbia attend GS.

The SEAS vote for NROTC is very intriguing because the NROTC initiative originated from SEAS. The Navy is interested in SEAS engineers while Navy career service options suit SEAS students the best; therefore, it stands to reason that NROTC on campus would have disproportionate impact and benefit for SEAS. If SEAS wants NROTC at Columbia and NROTC would benefit SEAS the most, should the university deny the practical benefits of NROTC to SEAS students for ideological reasons?


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