Saturday, December 13, 2008

Columbia University War Memorial

Pictured is the pin-on red paper rose handed out to guests at the event.

Pictured with the plaque is Marines lieutenant Dan Cross, a fellow GS 07 graduate, who rendered Columbia Class of 2006 Marines lieutenant Mark Xue's first salute.

Last night, I attended the unveiling of the Columbia University war memorial, which will be displayed after New Years in Butler Library in the lobby to the left of the main staircase. The plaque will be accompanied by an interactive information kiosk. The website in the kiosk is accessible on-line.

I found out William V. Campbell, Chair of Columbia's Board of Trustees, is an enlisted Army veteran.

With MilVets and Hamilton Society, the several grassroots efforts for ROTC return in recent years, this memorial, and a newly forming veterans alumni club, it's clear that Columbia's military heritage is making a broad comeback.


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