Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Posts with "Traci"

I'm curious how many blog posts there are in which I've mentioned her name. So, I decided to count. Criterium is "Traci" in the post, which leaves out a few posts which I had her in mind while writing but didn't use her name. On the other hand, some of the posts that mention her name aren't about her. The answer is 32, including this post.

Thoughts of the day
Moonrise Kingdom
Thoughts of the day
Thoughts of the day
The Phantom of the Opera teaches red pill
Thoughts of the day
Hurricane Irene Thoughts
Thoughts of the day
Thoughts of the day
Posts with Traci
Thoughts of the day
Thoughts of the day
Thoughts of the day
Lesson of my stars
Topol in Fiddler on the Roof and Lisey's Story
Thoughts of the day
Shortcomings and "Don't do this to me"
The dulling of age
Stand down
Note to self: avoid touching romance stories
Korean rom-com: My Sassy Girl (2001)
Bye Traci
Movie Recommendation: Knocked Up
Observation of the day: in-person beauty not always photogenic
Blog - Almost 40-Year-Old Virgin - got me to thinking . . .
I haven't posted in a while . . .
Every night I ask the stars up above, why must I be a teenager in love?
John Gray's Mars and Venus on a Date
Thoughts of the moment
Memorable quotes from Shane Falco




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